Five States (modifications) of Mind. Manovritti

Mudha : Stupefied mind– This state is occupied with Tamas or inertia. where rajas and satva are dominated and are barely available. The outcome of this state are anger, desire, greed, and attachments. When the mind is filled with tamas, a person drowns in ignorance, vice, gratification, and other notorious acts. This state is found […]

TRI GUNAS (Three attributes of nature)

satva, rajas and tamas are fundamental attributes of the universe. Any element either it is gross or subtle is composed with the majority of any of these three (attributes) gunas. Each guna has its own characters and reflects its presence in different elements as per the compositions. As per the yogic concept, integration, and disintegration of […]

Practising yoga on the sea shore is a good method


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