Mountain Home Stay Yoga Retreat
2 Nights 3 days

Discover Awakening and Divine Abode

Join Bodhidham Yoga  Retreat Ashram in Pokhara, Nepal, for a transformative journey rooted in Sanskrit principles. “Bodhi” and “Dham” signify awakening and the divine abode, symbolizing the retreat’s mission to cultivate peace, harmony, and bliss through traditional yoga and meditation practices in mountain to have the genuine yoga experience in the mountain.

Mountain Home Stay yoga retreat to relax and recharge 

Mountain are majestic, they heal you even being in the presence of it, The Nature there automatically heals you. And what could be more better than having a home stay yoga and meditation amongst the  serene mountain’s village which is ready to embrace you  in her lap with pure love. you will feel like  it has changed you from inside out. You can feel the new yourself even with in 3  days you feel the sense of change in your well being and the peace state of your mind.


Harmony with Nature: Yoga Trips and Treks

Break free from city constraints with organized yoga trips and treks, enabling harmonious practice amidst the serenity of woods and mountains. b. Understand where you really belong, the Nature The Mountain. Himalayas are calling you. Enjoy the breath taking view of mountains with practicing yoga in the morning sunrise and meditation during the evening. Day time you can contemplate on different topics. Having lots of fun around and exploring the village with understanding their lifestyle and the culture.

Day wise itinerary

           Day 1

   -Travelling in the private jeep to the destination village which one  and half hour drive from the city.

   – Tea and snacks after reaching the homestay village in the mountain.

   –  walk around the village and meditation in the jungle at calm place

   –  dancing and singing in a group 

   – local organic vegetarian dinner

   –  sharing the thoughts and spiritual discussion.

             Day 2

     –  Morning tea

    – Sunrise yoga session

    – local vegetarian breakfast

    –  Homestay village sight seen and interaction with the villagers to understand the local culture.

    –  Organic Vegetarian lunch

   – hiking around the village mountains and forests

   –  snacks and tea time

  –  Guided Meditation 

  – singing  dancing and story telling

  –  organic veg dinner

   – Group interaction

 – bed time

                  DAY 3

    –  Morning tea 

    – mountain view sunrise yoga

 –  Organic delicious breakfast

– Departure back to the city 

                                                                                             what is  Included

                                                                                               – food 

                                                                                            –   Sharing accommodation

                                                                                            – Yoga and meditation

                                                                                           – Sight seen Hiking and other activities as per itinerary

                                                                                          –  Private jeep transport to the homestay village and back to the city

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