Residential Singing Bowl Course

Discover Harmony with Bodhidham’s Residential Singing Bowl Course

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of sound therapy with Bodhidham’s Residential Singing Bowl Course. Rooted in the Sanskrit principles of awakening and divine consciousness, Bodhidham is a visionary retreat dedicated to fostering peace, harmony, and bliss through various yogic activities. As a renowned yoga school and spiritual ashram in Nepal, Bodhidham offers a diverse range of experiences, including a comprehensive 200-hour yoga teacher training course, nature yoga retreats, luxury retreats, spiritual tours, and invigorating yoga treks to Poonhill or Mardi.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Vibrant Present

Bodhidham draws inspiration from ancient Indian wisdom, recognizing Yoga as one of Bharat’s greatest contributions to the world. The renowned Swiss psychologist, Dr. C.G. Jung, pays tribute to Yoga science, highlighting its charm, depth, and the promise of undreamed-of possibilities.

Universal Tradition, Modern Relevance

Yoga, as a universal and evolutionary science, is not a mere religion but a science of living. Bodhidham, echoing the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda and Patanjali, believes in holistic development through balanced living, offering a channel for aspirants to attain the union of soul with spirit.

Practice: The Path to Virtue

Emphasizing the importance of practice, Bodhidham encourages the same spirit preached by Swami Vivekananda and Patanjali. With trained practitioners and a commitment to balanced living, Bodhidham provides the right environment for structured, regular, and effective yoga practice.

Nature’s Connection: Yoga Trips & Treks

Understanding the significance of connecting with nature, Bodhidham organizes Yoga trips and treks, offering a unique environment for students to break free from city constraints and enjoy their practice amidst the serenity of woods and mountains.

Expert Guidance in Himalayan Solitude

Bodhidham’s teachers are ardent practitioners of Yogic philosophy, having spent years in highly vibrant spiritual centers of India and Nepal, including the Himalayan solitude. The Residential Singing Bowl Course promises a unique opportunity to explore the undreamed-of possibilities that await through a structured, regular, and effective practice of the age-old science of Yoga.

Join Bodhidham’s Harmonious Journey

If you seek a promising and transformative experience, come and explore the profound benefits of sound therapy and yogic practices with Bodhidham’s Residential Singing Bowl Course. As a committed yoga school and retreat ashram in Nepal, Bodhidham invites you to embark on a harmonious journey toward holistic well-being and spiritual growth.