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Bodhi is an abstract noun from the verb root budh in Sanskrit (to awake, become aware, notice, know or understanding) to the verbs bodhati or budhyate. From the same root comes, bodha (also meaning knowledge or intelligence) and buddhi (faculty of discrimination).

True to the definitions, Bodhidham strives to impart that knowledge of Yoga which helps one to develop in a balanced way….

Why Bodhidham?

Bodhidham was conceptualized by Ananda Bodhi to provide assistance and support to help seekers to re-establish their path to joy & contentment. It is dedicated for the well being of mankind, with balanced development of body, mind and soul.

Bodhidham delivers yoga in its original genuine & pure form to ensure there is no dilution of its fundamental essence. It follows a systematic approach to Yoga, combining the principles and techniques of Hatha yoga & Raja yoga.

Yoga teachers @ Bodhidham has years of experience in practicing the Yoga path and have learnt the techniques from the best of masters in India. And it is the same knowledge and commitment that is being offered to students of Bodhidham in the manner best suited for each individual.
Bodhidham approaches Yoga in its core principle of "union of body, mind & soul" and strives to help the student to approach their daily life in a holistic way through Yoga practice.


Our Offerings


Bodhidham offers systematic programs to enable one to lead a balanced life, nourishing all the three faculties of body, mind and soul through regular and systematic yoga programs. These are designed and customized further based on individual needs.

Bodhidham also organizes programs from time to time to enable people to unwind and disentangle themselves from the maddening and demanding day-to-day life which helps one regain their focus and recharge themselves