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Around 2500 years back there was an enlighten soul, Who illuminated the whole Asia and the rest of the world with His Inner light who was called Buddha, formerly He was Known as Siddhartha. He became Lord Buddha only after Enlightenment.

And the Bodhi comes from the sanskrit term budh which means to awake, understand and realize. It also includes the  knowledge and intelligence with accessing ‘buddhi’ which is faculty of discrimination. Dham means the abode of the Lord, where only divine consciousness prevails.

So the BODHIDHAM is a Vision to foster peace, harmony and bliss through various yogic activities as a preparation. Where we focus ultimately to achieve the state of supreme joy through  meditation.

Why Bodhidham?

Upcoming Workshops

Bodhidham offers systematic programs to enable one to lead a balanced life, nourishing all the three faculties of body, mind and soul through regular and systematic yoga programs. These are designed and customized further based on individual needs.

Bodhidham also organizes programs from time to time to enable people to unwind and disentangle themselves from the maddening and demanding day-to-day life which helps one regain their focus and recharge themselves



Spiritual Yoga Tour - Lumbini



Yoga Trek in the Himalayas of Nepal

Why we are different

We deliver Yoga in its original & genuine form without diluting its essence in any way and focusing on a systematic approach combining both Hatha & Raja yoga

Our Team

We are a team of Yoga practitioners & enthusiast. We have embarked on a journey to help and assist people to live a more pleasant, harmonious life, as close to nature as possible.

We encourage everyone (as we also constantly do), to explore and understand the deeper meaning of our existence






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