Five States (modifications) of Mind. Manovritti

  1. Mudha : Stupefied mind– This state is occupied with Tamas or inertia. where rajas and satva are dominated and are barely available. The outcome of this state are anger, desire, greed, and attachments. When the mind is filled with tamas, a person drowns in ignorance, vice, gratification, and other notorious acts. This state is found in low life tendency people.
  2. Kshipta : Disturbed mind- Here Rajas is dominant where satva and tamas are barely present. It causes affinity, and when desires are not met then comes resentment. The outcome of this state are virtue- vice, attachment-detachment, knowldge-ignornce, good wil- bad will. When tamas dominates satva in this state the person is inclined to vice and ignorance etc. But when stava dominates tamas in that period person affiliate the self with virtue, knowledge etc. Normally this is the state of layman in the world.
  3. Vikshipta : Distracted Mind– Satva or light is predominant in this state. rajas and tamas are negligible. This state of mind is achieved through selfless action, and refraining from affininty-resentment, desire-anger, and greed-attachment. As satva persits then person prefers to involved in virtue, dispassion, prosperity. Still gets disturbed because of the presence of rajas . This state is found in novice seekers of truth.
  4. Ekagra : One pointed mind– This is the spontaneous state of mind (chitta) where it indulges in only single subject. Where rajas and tamas are absolutely absent, and mind is crystal clear. At this point mind iluminates the real attritubes of all the subjects from atom to the gross. The ultimate state here is Viveka khyati (achievement of all the knowlge). In this state of mind samadhi occurs, still there is a thin line between self and the supreme. Here all the attributes of nature are revealed.
  5. Niruddha : Controlled mind– Once with knowledge of true self the supreme is revealed then one enters into the complete dispassion. where he realizes whatever mind was perceiving before were only illusionary image like in a dream. Here even the distinguished line between self and supreme is dropped. As the the modifications of mind are vanished. In this state nothing remains to be known and as a result, all the seeds of karma and klesha ( root cause of pain) are burnt. And this state of mind remains in higher smadhi free from karma and its bondage. And one gets free from cycle of life and birth.

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