Rishi guru was born and raised in a nearby village to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. He first encountered with yogis in Kathmandu, at one of the yoga ashram. Then onwards he became interested towards yoga in his youth. And continued to explore more in yogic field. He continued learning yoga from different masters whenever he got opportunity. In late nineties, he was introduced to traditional Yoga and Naturopathy practice in Arogya Ashram, Kathmandu Nepal, which nurtured his inner desire to peruse the yogic path completely. Later he joined Open University in India to pursue the academic study at Alternative Medicine Council of India. He was moved by the power of alternative healing medicine.  He continued his study on the subject and later years he started giving treatment to people and many got cured with naturopathy and alternative medicine. He never stopped teaching the yogic lifestyle to all who approached him. He was influenced by the teaching of Osho and became his follower and took initiation and became a osho sanyasi. As a curious mind he explored the reiki and did all level of training in Reiki. He is a very god healer and Reiki master too. He loves to share his experience in teaching to new practitioner. With his jolly nature and yogic he mesmerizes all.  

ananda raj lamasal