Swami Ananda, Born in Himalayas and raised by master in Ashram at Rishikesh India, is recognized as a competent yoga teacher and spiritual guide. Who is having deep understanding about philosophy and practical aspect of applied science of yoga. His ideology is to teach from experience and deliver the first-hand knowledge of yogic wisdom. Students are receptive to his teaching methods and gets attracted towards his generosity and humility. He is in a mission to unite globe with applied yoga science. Till date he has organised many camps, retreats and workshops related with yoga and spirituality. He has worked in corporate world as a yoga Guru. He has delivered his teaching to the people from all over the globe. As he is known as a born healer, has helped numerous people to restore their health through yogic techniques and spiritual healing.

M.Sc (yoga) graduate has Learned the secret science of yoga, meditation and philosophy both academic and from the direct guidance and monitor of his master & from other yogis of Himalayas, along with Himalayan yoga tradition, living with them in different time and places for more than a decade doing many personal retreats at solitude in jungles. Now Yoga has become the core of his spirit and base of his life. As his masters have instructed and guided him to impart that holy & secret science of yoga for human welfare, He has started teaching from many years, as a sacred task given to him. He is optimist that innumerable people will be able to get the benefit and transform their life and making it beautiful from all aspects by following the ancient and unmatching knowledge of self-realization.

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