Coronavirus has caused a pandemic around the world. It has affected 190 countries with increasing numbers of death around the globe. sadly no anti vaccines are found till date and may take a while to find a cure. In this situation of chaos and uncertainty, it is obvious to be concerned about our health and wellbeing of our beloved one.

simple things to follow

Avoid social contacts, be at home. Use your time in activities you like to do at home, you can play some indoor games, listening to music, reading books, watching informative, educative and entertaining videos, cooking healthy dishes. Doing exercises, cleaning the house and other stuff, etc.

As a precautionary measure

  1. wash your hands quite often. Use soap and water or sanitizers
  2. Avoid too much sugar and processed food.
  3. Eat green vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, consume the food which is rich in vitamin c.
  4. expose to the morning and evening sun.
  5. don’t go out until and unless it is extremely necessary. Even if you have to, use a mask and maintain the distance of a few meters.

what are the symptoms of covid-19 (coronavirus)

Self-care in mild symptoms of covid-19

Yogic practices to follow.

  1. practice sun salutations a few rounds.
  2. practice a few other asanas like Ardha matseyndrasna (spinal twist), paschimotanasana (forward bend) dhanurasana (bow pose), setubandhasana (bridge pose), and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). These poses help to activate all the glands and regulate their functions. It also helps to activate the nervous system and other systems to boost immunity and to release the toxins out of the body.
  3. relax yourself completely after the practice, with a guided relaxation.
  4. After relaxation don’t miss meditating for a while.
  5. keep a pleasant mood all the time. Avoid stressing yourself.